The 3,000-mile oil change rule - busted

Scaffidi Hyundai wants you know that some service centers may be changing your oil more frequently than it really has to be. This may be due to them still going with the outdated myth that a car's oil should be changed every 3000 miles. While this may have been true in the past for older vehicles using more simplified oils, today's oils and vehicles work hand in hand to extend the time between oil changes significantly.

A normal driver can go up to and more than 7500 miles between oil changes in a late model vehicle. The savings quickly add up if you drive a lot for work or your family. You can potentially cut your yearly oil change bill in half by not getting your oil changed using the myth. Your car will still perform like it is supposed to and you can do your part to cut down oil waste, which is good for everyone.

Learn more about what schedule your vehicle should be on for oil changes by reaching out to our service team today.

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