GAP Insurance – An extra layer of protection you need

A car accident can be a scary thing in itself. Along with worrying about your health and wellness, the chance of losing your car looms large. The insurance company pays what it thinks your car is worth in the current market, which often means that you may end up paying a large sum of money from your pocket to cover the expense of your totaled car. That is when you can be thankful for the GAP insurance that you purchased while buying your car at Scaffidi Hyundai.

Guaranteed Asset Protection insurance, or GAP insurance, provides coverage in addition to your first car insurance policy. It pays the difference between what your insurance company thinks your car is worth and the outstanding loan amount on your totaled car. As a result, you can achieve peace of mind after any accident, rather than worrying about covering the remaining cost on a totaled model.

Achieve peace of mind by buying GAP insurance for your vehicle. Call or walk into our dealership at 3733 Stanley Street in Stevens Point today and ask for our affordable and convenient GAP insurance quotes.

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