Check Out the All New Hyundai Santa Fe

The Hyundai Santa Fe is the latest in the Korean car maker's entries into the midsize SUV market. There are a number of reasons why these vehicles are as popular as they are. While many viewed Korean automakers as less desirable than traditional domestic and Japanese makers, those days are past. Hyundai has excelled at creating high quality vehicles at amazing price points. Here at Scaffidi Hyundai, we are incredibly happy and proud to offer the latest Santa Fe models for sale.

The technology package in the new Santa Fe is stellar. There are many things that set it apart, namely the Bluetooth package that offers full integration with your cell phone provider of choice. In addition, many of the features of the in dash entertainment system can be utilized with the touch of a button or with audio commands linked to your smartphone. You have the ability to use Android or iOs with your Hyundai Santa Fe.



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