Don't Lose Your Cool: Check Your Cooling System

Anyone who has driven a car knows that the engine can become extremely hot, so it is important to routinely check and maintain the car's cooling system. Listed below are the parts of the cooling system and what they do:

  • Radiator - The radiator is the main component of a car's cooling system and it is responsible for keeping the engine from getting too hot by circulating coolant through its core, releasing heat.
  • Water Pump - Working in tandem with the radiator, you could consider the water pump the "heart" of a car's cooling system because it pumps coolant throughout the entire system.
  • Thermostat - The thermostat is responsible for regulating the flow of coolant and keeping it from entering the engine until it has reached its operating temperature.
  • Coolant - Coolant would be considered the "blood" of the engine as it circulates throughout the entire engine, collecting and absorbing excess heat that could damage your car engine.

At our Hyundai service station in Stevens Point, WI, we want to make sure all drivers are maintaining their car’s cooling systems so they can avoid any unnecessary breakdowns. If you have any questions regarding your car's cooling system, come visit us and speak with one of our experts.

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