Brake Pads: What You Need to Know

Brake pads are an important component of the braking system in your vehicle. They're located on the wheels. When you apply the brakes, the pads squeeze against the rotors so that your vehicle comes to a stop. Every time you press the brakes, the pads wear a little bit. Over time, the brake pads have to be replaced. Otherwise, you could cause damage to the rotors as well as the calipers that hold the brake pads in place.

It's normal to have to replace brake pads periodically on a vehicle. When you're in Stevens Point, WI, you should take care of your pads by knowing the warning signs. If you brake and hear a squeal, it's a good indication that your pads are worn.

Our service center at Scaffidi Hyundai will be able to help you with replacing the brake pads.

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