Get the Most Mileage Out of Your Tires

When you own a car, proper maintenance is important. Part of your basic schedule to keep your car in good shape is regular tire rotations. When your tires stay in the same spot on your car, they can wear unevenly and break down faster than necessary. To get the most mileage out of your tires, visit Scaffidi Hyundai and have your tires rotated every time you get an oil change.

Tires in the front are going to wear down differently than tires in the back. This makes it necessary to rotate your tires from front to back and side to side, putting all four tires in each of the four positions. This will optimize the wear on your tires and give you the most life.

When you need car maintenance, our service center in Stevens Point, WI is ready to help. We will complete scheduled maintenance and make all necessary recommendations for further work your car may need.

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