Preventing Motion Sickness for Your Commute

If you have been dealing with motion sickness for a number of years, then you know how inconvenient this condition can be. When your body reacts to traveling in a vehicle for a number of miles you can start to experience dizziness, nausea and stomach upset. We have some tips on how you can prevent motion sickness on your next trip:

  • Keep the dozing to a minimum. It helps if you stay alert and look out the front window from the front seat.
  • Use over-the-counter products to prevent instead of treat. These products typically contain Meclizine or antihistamines. Ginger is a natural way to treat motion sickness.
  • Homeopathic products can apply pressure to a number of pressure points on the body that prevent motion sickness.
  • If you want to offer to drive this can help prevent motion sickness. Make sure you take frequent breaks and don't drive for too long if you are tired.



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