Check Out and Ride in the New Hyundai Ioniq

There are many advantages to driving a hybrid vehicle. Environmental benefits and gas mileage are two of the big ones. Hyundai is a legendary Korean auto manufacturer with an eye towards the future. While they were largely unknown in the US prior to the 1990s, they have become an indispensable part of car culture in the United States. Their technological innovations and styling are well received, and they are among the best selling auto makers in the US. When purchasing a vehicle, consider visiting us at Scaffidi Hyundai and checking out our huge selection of Hyundai Ioniq models.

The Ioniq manages to combine the ease of use, reliability, and style cues of a gasoline powered car with their new hybrid system to create the Ioniq. While many hybrids suffer from style issues due to engineering requirements, the Hyundai Ioniq manages to keep its looks while also performing admirably as a hybrid vehicle.



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