Don't Ignore Squealing Brakes

If your brakes get wet, they may squeak for a minute or two. When you have prolonged squealing coming from your brakes when you press down on the brake pedal, this is when there is a problem. As your brake pads wear down, they will begin to make noise when pushed against the rotors.

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The 3,000-mile oil change rule - busted

Scaffidi Hyundai wants you know that some service centers may be changing your oil more frequently than it really has to be. This may be due to them still going with the outdated myth that a car's oil should be changed every 3000 miles. While this may have been true in the past for older vehicles using more simplified oils, today's oils and vehicles work hand in hand to extend the time between oil changes significantly.
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Rotating Your Tires Improves Safety And Can Save You Money

You may not think about it or realize this, but rotating your tires makes you safer on the road. This is because it will make your vehicle's handling better. You are probably familiar with the feeling of a smoother ride right after you rotate your tires. That is because your vehicle's tires will be more evenly worn and less bumpy on the road after a tire rotation takes place.
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Why is My Check Engine Light On?

Special sensors in your vehicle are designed to give you a signal anytime a problem is detected. If you are seeing the check engine light glowing on your dash, it means that you need to bring your vehicle in for a checkup. Never ignore a check engine light as it could be indicating a serious problem.

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